• Riverbank at Silo City

  • Getting their hands dirty

  • Hard at work

  • Divide and conquer

  • Sean Burkholder, Project Manager oversees planting

  • A good day's work.

Silo City Restoration

Through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Department’s Urban Habitat Program this project brought together partners from University of Buffalo, The Great Lakes Experience, and PUSH Buffalo along with a student volunteer workforce from McKinley High School and Tapestry Charter School in Buffalo for a day of planting. Sean Burkholder, Univeristy of Buffalo, has partnered with IMPLEMENT and is the project manager for our collective landscape master planning efforts at Silo City in Buffalo New York.

  • Overlapping Infrastructures

  • Dredge activities organize site

  • Gateway to NYC

  • Transit infrastructure added to harbor

  • Barges assemble temporary civic and event space

  • Green infrastructure supports sustainable future


Harborport positions landscape at the intersection of storm water, dredging, event and transportation infrastructures by proposing a reactivation of the NYC waterways. Utilizing dredge materials, the proposal develops a temporary airport within NYC Harbor providing a means for existing infrastructure to be modernized without crippling the day-to-day activities of the city. Done in partnership with Sean Burkholder and Matthew Banton, this project was recognized as a Semi-finalist in the NYC One Prize competition.

  • Concept Image Gary - Play Lawn

  • Activities Planning

  • Site Diagrams - Neighborhood Park Programming

  • Concept Image Gary - Community Gateway

  • Concept Image Buffalo - Recreation Park

  • Concept Image Cleveland - Art /Bird Meadow

Vacant to Vibrant

In partnership with the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Vacant to Vibrant focuses on creating green infrastructure and community green spaces on vacant parcels. The pilot effort  focusses on three cities; Gary Indiana, Cleveland Ohio and Buffalo New York. A series of public forums generated design direction in each city. Moving forward redesigned sites will be monitored for performance of green infrastructure components.

  • Garden Stair

  • Garden Plan

  • Garden Section

  • Bulb Lawn in Bloom

  • Reclaimed Brick Patio

  • Garden Walkway

Village Residence

This quaint entry garden deploys a traditional palette of materials toward the creation of a subtly contemporary space. The elevated lawn terrace turns down and slopes sharply to the street marking the transition from private to public space down an elegant stair, the geometry of which shifts to accept traffic moving diagonally to and from the walk. A reclaimed brick patio, surrounded by flowering shrubs, offers a second public/private threshold as the walkway comes to gate of rear garden.