Resilience Network Model

Model depicting proposed memorial for the shooting on 12/14 at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, CT. Groves, paths and meadows lead viewers through a series of contemplative spaces, connecting to further recreational and ecological zones through town. 

Health Corridor

Health Corridor aligns Ohio’s proposed high-speed rail corridor not with city centers but along prominent health institutions. The environment where one receives medical care is not limited to the hospital room– transportation spaces also contribute to a patient’s health. The Health Corridor links medical care with transportation, providing space for diagnosis, treatment, recovery and health management both inside and outside the hospital walls.

Waste Land

The redesign of the Bluegrass Stockyard, one of the country’s largest cattle auction facilities, asks Infrastructure to be defined as more than logistics. Infrastructure links to regional economics, cultural identity, information, zoning, tourism and built architecture.


The alumni magazine for the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Science profiled research, activities and accomplishments of UK faculty, students and alumni. The design positions the “places and faces” of Kentucky (campus photos, profile shots) within the “ideas” coming out of the University (abstract diagrams, unusual photo crops and illustrative images).